***If you are interested in LEGEND OF KORRA fan mail, autographs and merchandise, please check out the LEGEND OF KORRA page on this site for more information.***

You can reach me directly at janet@janetvarney.com. Sometimes it takes me a bit of time to respond, but you will definitely hear from me!

Publicist: Sam Srinivasan – sam@sechelpr.com

Theatrical, Public Appearance and Hosting: Innovative Artists
 310.656.5100/David Lederman, Babette Perry

Convention Appearances: Celebrity Talent Management 978.886.0966/Jeff Zannini

Voiceover: Abrams Artists 
310.859.1417/Dean Panaro

Commercial: Kazarian, Measures, Ruskin & Assoc. 818.769.9111/Mark Measures

The marvelous Shotgun Digital hosts my reels and work clips. For access, please contact David Lederman/Innovative Artists.


LINKS! Just a few of my favorite sites, including the site of the truly amazing artist and friend who designed my site, Divya Srinivasan! she can be found here!

Ryan Berkley: What a champ!

Christopher David Ryan: One of the best artists I have ever and will ever know

Dan McCarthy: A fairly serious obsession. My house is chock full of his work

Design Sponge: My go-to daily design and crafts inspiration fix

Jill Dryer: A kindred spirit

Susie Ghahremani: You will want to buy everything

The Heads of State: Marvelous travel posters

Martha Sue Harris: I dare you not to love her artwork!

Never Not Funny: Jimmy Pardo. Need I say more?

Jen Renninger: She amazes me

Rifftrax: Hooray for making fun of movies!

SF Sketchfest: The San Francisco Comedy Festival I founded with David Owen and Cole Stratton