Hooray! Finally adding music to the music page!

This is a horrible, wonderful rap Paul and I did for Dinner and a Movie about Ceviche. The video is here on YouTube.

“Daddy Drank” is a song Paul Gilmartin, Grey DeLisle and I wrote together for the characters Grey and I play opposite Paul’s Republican Congressman character, Richard Martin. Together the three of us are a right wing Christian group called The Neat Ditties!

This is a ditty I recorded with the great Hard ‘n Phirm. It’s… a love song… between Darwin and Christ. Yep!

This is a song Kit Pongetti and I wrote and recorded as Fempyre, our pseudo-feminist rock duo, for a Sci-Fi/Fantasy themed show we performed on.

And Here’s “Me and My”Another Fempyre ditty!

Hard ‘n Phirm’s “Pi,” in which I take part proudly!